Bring Back Your Good Old Friends – Books

"The art of reading is in great part that of acquiring a better understanding of life from one's encounter with it in a book." ~Andre Maurois

Much has been said in the praise of books - the silent friends whom many of us may have forgotten in this era of technology. Our world today is limited to hi tech gizmos, television shows and virtual interactions with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The culture of telling stories to children from books has been replaced by their addiction to computer games for long hours before bed time. Enid Blyton - a name that you may certainly remember due to the well known titles such as "The Famous Five" or 'The Barney Mysteries", may not sound very familiar to many kids today. However, books are still the best of friends and the habit of reading must be encouraged in kids.

Books are the best and cheapest sources of priceless knowledge and healthy entertainment.

Classic stories and those by authors like Agatha Christie, Danielle Steel and Sidney Sheldon have been some of the best sellers of the 20th century. Agreed, that many fictions have been transfigured into the films which we have enjoyed, but the magic of books cannot be denied. Snuggling up with a great book in your leisure time or prior to going to bed is still a nice idea. A book should also be carried in your car or hand bags - it proves very handy while sitting idle in a waiting room for delayed appointments or tavelling to and from work.

One of the things that troubles many book lovers is where to buy good books. There are millions of titles and not all of them may suit your interests. To buy books the normal way, you may have to travel all the way to a mall or shopping complex and look for a bookstore that would have the books from your favourite authors. But is it not irritating if it is out of stock or not available at all?

The answer to the problem lies in online shopping. To purchase a copy of your favourite novels, comics, short stories and a host of popular Australian books and magazines, you can simply use the services of an Australia book store online. This is also the most appropriate use of Internet technology that you generally use only for online games or messaging. Find a bookstore online, Australia and save yourself the trouble of going to four or five book stores in the town to buy a book.

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