Helicopter Training Syllabus

There is a saying amongst the flying fraternity: ?To fly is heaven but to hover is divine?. Helicopter Training Syllabus is an ebook that deals with initial helicopter training (Private Pilot?s License). Primarily the ebook serves as a preparation guide that covers every training sequence as found in a typical helicopter training syllabus. An example of a sequence is ?Basic in ground effect hover?. In order for a student to prepare for a sequence the ebook describes what the aim is of the exercise, what exactly will be done during the practical phase and why a specific sequence has to be flown.

Each sequence in the ebook also has a section which leads a student to specific aerodynamic principles that can be studied beforehand and that pertains to a specific exercise that will be flown. It stands to reason that a principle of helicopter flight text book is required by a student but it does not matter which one as the guide will spell out what exactly must be covered in order to prepare for an exercise. At the end of each sequence are a couple of questions that can be used to test a student?s knowledge about what was covered in the theory.

The real advantage, benefit or value of this ebook must be the section called ?common mistakes and advice? which also forms part of every sequence as based on a helicopter training syllabus. In this section a student will find real time mistakes commonly made by students during the practical execution of a specific sequence. Advice is given on how to rectify and avoid these mistakes and herein lays the secret to helicopter training in that a person can actually know beforehand what to expect and mentally prepare for a flying lesson. Throughout the ebook a lot of emphasis is placed on flight safety and a person really gets the impression that all the advice and common mistakes mentioned are based on real training events and not just grasp from thin air.

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